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Composite bonding is the application of tooth-coloured resin material using adhesives and high-intensity curing light. It is the truest form of artistry, skill, and dentistry; something Dr Shakarchy prides herself on. Bonding is typically used for;


  • Chipped (broken) teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Small teeth
  • Tooth decay

“She changed my teeth from triangles to rectangles in one visit! How?!”

The procedure only takes a single visit, and oftentimes can be carried out without the use of any injections. There is no damage to teeth, due to not cutting or shaving of teeth required. As a result, it is oftentimes painless. It is effortlessly and beautifully adding back to areas which have been lost.


composite edge bonding


Where teeth are chipped, worn, or jagged, composite ‘white filling material’ is applied to the edges of the teeth to restore them back to their natural shape.

The material is blended in seamlessly so that your teeth look level, straight and in proportion giving you the straight smile your desire.

Treatment is completed the same day.



composite veneers


Where the shape or position of teeth are not ideal, composite white fillingmaterial is applied to the front surface of the teeth to enhance the shape, position and overall colour of the teeth.

Treatment is completed the same day.

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